Qualities of teachers

              I think teachers have to have good abilities because teachers have a lot of things to do. It is necessary to have three things at the same time for teachers today.Let me introduce the three things.

              Knowledge is needed to teach a subject. So that teachers should be skillful. Whenever students ask them for questions, they have to be able to answer the questions sincerely.

              Students often have a lot of stress in school days. Then, teachers have to close to students and listen to their worries. Therefore teachers should to be humane and teach a subject with a passion.

              Teachers do like that, the students trust in teachers. Teachers basically have their own classes. That is to say teachers are the leaders in their own classes. So that teachers must absolutely have a responsibility. These days, there are many collapses of class-room discipline. That is why they have to have a leadership.

              I think modern teacher is different from past teacher about what is needed by students. So that teachers should understand it and take action.


Why I have decided to take this class

Why I Have Decided to Take This Class

Hello‼ My name is TA. I knew that this class’ teacher was a very strict teacher. So that I worry about passing this class but I am little looking forward to taking it. Of course, I am never confident about English although I want to grow up my English skills, for example, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

In the way to take this class, there are two reasons. First, I want to be an English teacher. When I was a junior high school student, I decided to be it. Therefore, I met a great teacher who I have ever met. The teacher taught me English and soccer kindly and friendly. Moreover he was a coach of my school’s soccer club. I often talked with him and became interested in teacher. And then I graduated from the school, I made a decision to become an English teacher like him.

Second, I want to get native English. Even though I have studied English, I could not have got it yet. So that I had never been to the foreign countries, I did not have a chance to get touch with native English. Still I never give up. If I believe him and make efforts, my English skills would improve. Finally, I wish I could speak English with confidence. Thank you!